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“SUCCESS does not happen by accident, it happens by DESIGN”

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We are a team of talented designers and developers that absolutely love what they do! Started in 2002 in London, UK. Each designer brings a variety of talents, passions and experiences to the table.


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What did they say about us..

"Creativity, passion and inspiration are all integral part of Picasso's artwork. The total branding from website, stationary to our booklet, make us feel special and unique. This actually gets reflective in our way of doing business - our brand now is pushing us nicely to be unique and innovative in all what we do."

Ebrahim Radhi, Managing Director of Green Innova

"There is a distinguished touch and a lively spark with Picasso House branding services. We are very impressed with output of Picasso House, and we are very pleased to recommend there services to whoever wants to improve his brand image and get a marketing edge."

Jawad Humidan, CEO of BITCO

"This was vey successful. First with branding it from the beginning. It gave us big strength upon competitors and the potential to franchise the brand. And our sale, we feel this since beginning gave us the current turnovers. We immeasurably thanks Picasso House. They are art genius!"

Yousif Al Sabah, CEO of Spud

"Marketing with PicassoHouse allowed us to increase our customers in the construction market and also allow us to brand our name in Bahrain. We worked with our consultant (Picasso) for long time to achieve the best results of the scheme, we benefited from their experience in branding and marketing. They has nice professional designers who convert our ideas to designs. They did good job for us."

S.Mohammed Al A'ali, GM of Alaali & Alsayed

"We at BATEC found the marketing program is a great assets to market our ICT products and solutions at Bahrain market with new brilliant ideas of Picasso which led us to achieve our goals and objectives of this program and enhanced our GP income of 2012 from 5% to 12%. Picasso worked together with us as a one team during this program. We are fully happy and satisfied with what we achieved by working with Picasso."

Abdul Wahab Ebrahim, BATEC

"Our project with PicassoHouse helped us in greater customer exposure, branding and increased sales. Picasso were very customer friendly, proactive and creative and would defiantly use their services again in the future."

Ali Rajaei, CEO of Yamal Boats
  • Kanoo Group
  • BNP
  • Tamkeen
  • A&S
  • EJ Capital
  • Yokogawa
  • University of Bahrain
  • Jafcon
  • HR Forum
  • 3D Expertos
  • House Me
  • CPR Arabia
  • Yamal
  • Spud
  • Khuzaie Associates
  • Urban Cars
  • Shake U Like
  • Stark
  • HERA
  • YSBG
  • We Design
  • Upper Crust
  • Bahrain Toastmasters
  • Spectrum
  • Smart Six
  • Shafiq Glass
  • SF Coaching
  • Rishoos
  • Reef Paris
  • Qabas PR
  • PurePhone
  • Property Choice
  • Prince Events
  • Photonia
  • Om Alkhadar
  • Olympic GYM
  • Obari
  • Mylitta
  • Motor Souq
  • Mazayen Group
  • Al Mahroos
  • Logic
  • Leadershift
  • Labelle
  • La Cucina
  • Village Gate
  • Inspector
  • Health House
  • Haramain
  • Happy Duck
  • Green Innova
  • GCC Events
  • Gateway Success
  • Gaith
  • Frutto Gellato
  • Flora
  • Filoosy
  • Flowers Corner
  • Eve Design
  • Enrich Community
  • Emerging IT
  • Elya
  • Al Edrisi Group
  • Decorating Memory
  • Diet Town
  • Dar Alukhwa
  • CSR
  • CSR Arabia
  • Craig Consultants
  • Cowboy Bahrain
  • Contact Estate
  • Coffee Plus
  • Clean&Green
  • Classy
  • Chipstix
  • BTI
  • BSS
  • Bronze Ceramica
  • Bright Horizon
  • Ben Rashdan
  • Beladi
  • BedHome
  • BATC
  • Avanti
  • Alwasat
  • Al Qoud Consultancy
  • Al Akar
  • Agesteka
  • 3D Speaking
  • Mido Du Cafe
  • Barbina
  • Broasters
  • Amore
  • Pizarro
  • Paladin
  • Al Wedai Law Firm
  • Green Insulator